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May 6th, 2009
03:44 am

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So, I got the job recently doing telephone research. People keep asking, "WTF is that? What do you do?"

I have also, recently, been feeling sad about not doing anything really, really nerdy. This post will address BOTH those concerns.

At work, I call people and ask them to complete surveys over the phone. 80% of the time, I get a busy signal, answering machines, it rings out, etc. 19% of the time, someone picks up and either can't do it then, or tell me to fuck off in some variety of language. I then mark the survey ended on the computer, and enter the flag for the reason it ended (busy, refused, etc.) OCCASIONALLY, I get someone to complete a survey... if they don't get most of the way through and bail on me because it took too long.

This is MORE boring than it sounds. Sooo... I invented a game to pass the time ;]

On a notepad, I mark down two columns for my two "characters". They are marked "even" and "odd". Both start with 50 hit points.

When I start a new call, I first check the case number assigned to them. If the last digit is even (including 0), then it is "even"s turn. Odd, vice versa. I then check the last digit of the phone number, and save it for later (0 = 10). I will call it X.

What happens next depends on how the call ends. If nobody answers, not even a machine, the turn is skipped.

If I get an answering machine, a busy signal, or a refusal, that character inflicts X damage on the opposing character. If I complete a survey, they do 4x that amount of damage to the opposing character.

If I get a language problem, a "number not in service", or make an appointment for later, then the characters recovers X damage instead. If I start a survey, but they bail for any reason partway, then they instead heal 4x that amount.

If I get a fax/modem line or I call a business, then that character takes X damage to themselves. If I get someone who asks to be put on our Do Not Call list, they take 4x damage to themselves.

...I ended up playing this as I called for 5 hours. For the curious, Even won, with 71 HP to spare when Odd dropped beneath 0. It was close, and Odd was in the lead for a long time, but Even recovered 40 when some asshole bailed on my survey partway, with their phone number ending in 0. It was tense.

So yeah, this is what I do ;]

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April 25th, 2009
12:42 am


I handed out one resume, had one interview, and now have one job.

I have way too much luck in this kinda thing.


(I get to use my work tag again! Whee!)

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August 11th, 2007
12:59 am - Bah

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Guess who got mugged?


I'm fine, but out $80. Seven or so assholes got to me in the South Common bus terminal after I left work; it could have been worse, but it also could have been better. As in, I could have just not been mugged.

I'm not even angry; just.... bleh. Why does crap keep piling on me?

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May 25th, 2006
08:11 am

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I started a new job on Tuesday.

I left today.


*thunk, thunk, thunk*

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May 19th, 2006
01:05 pm - var employed=true ; if (employed) { mood.write("Awesome!") }

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I am re-employed!

Thanks to the extremely massively hugely appreciated intervention of [ profile] fiercekitty, I now have employment, and I am overjoyed. After working at Rogers for over 2 years, you start to wonder if that's all you can do. Even if this ends up short term, I'm just pleased that it will have nothing to do with movie rentals ;]

I will be selling placements in a business directory over the phone to American companies in a commission-type sales environment. Considering I've been doing the cell-phone thing for ages for less money, this is a serious plus for me. Hell, the base pay if I'm an idiot and sell nothing is still more than I made at Rogers at the very end, and I have no intention of settling for that, anyway.

The hours are good, too: 9-4:30 Monday to Thursday with an hour unpaid lunch, 9-3:30 on Friday with a half-hour lunch. This is trés bien for me, because all the small things I was worried about missing (Artsfest, etc) all line up with this. Since I knew I couldn't turn this down even if it screwed up all my plans, this is a serious plus ;] (Another amusing related benefit: since the market is American holidays, I will apparently be getting the 29th off. This is awesome because I will be getting back from Ottawa {[ profile] fiercekitty's housewarming, which is why she got me employed ;] } late the previous night, so I will greatly appreciate the day of sleep which I did not expect to get!)

The commute should be originally looked like it would be almost 2 hours, but thanks to the fact that it is in general business hours, there are TWO express routes that run only in the rush hours directly to/from Meadowvale to Islington Station, which the job is directly beside. I'll still be waking up ungodly early compared to my usual, but my usual is 2pm, so that is both unsurprising and reasonable ;]

What I find the most interesting, though...while I look forward to both the selling and the competitive nature of it a fair bit, as well as finally making some money again, the thing I most look forward to is selling the particular product. Why? Because it's...not the best choice for the customer, to put it mildly ;] This provides an interesting chance to put the changes Nemesis claims to have brought in to the test; I'm profiting directly from the uneducated in this position. And really, I'm looking forward to seeing if I can do it guilt-free. Considering how much I'm looking forward to it, odds are good. This is amusing to me because back when I started at Rogers, there's no WAY I could have sold something like this; I'd have been wracked with horror. Now, though, even though I like people more now than I did at that time (I was still bitter then ;] ), I find myself remarkably unaffected by the suffering of people who I feel bring it upon themselves. The feeling of freedom is remarkable ;]
I assume this technically makes me a bad person in some way, but I honestly don't feel like it. It's an unusual sensation.

All in all, I'm remarkably pleased with how things have turned out. I will now be able to attend all events I was hoping to, as well as earn the money I needed, get the home-people off my back, and in general be able to relax in my position for a little while at least, while simultaneously test my newfound amoral (not immoral) freedoms.

That's a pretty good haul ;]


{Note: New icon out of respect for Nemesis: Introducing the Abyss! It's not exactly a welcoming homestead, but it suits him fine ;] I've got a bigger picture of it here; it was fun to do, so I feel like showing off ;] }

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March 9th, 2006
09:39 pm - Finito

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We had a staff meeting tonight, in which it was made clear that the reason that Rogers Video is not profitable is obviously because of its employees and them renting their free movies when they couldn't legally be renting them out anyway. The massive lack of employee respect in this company was clearly highlighted like it never has been before.

So I am putting in my two weeks tomorrow. I'm done.

And I feel AWESOME.

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March 2nd, 2006
05:54 pm - I Hate Stupid

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Well, this month has started with me having to kick a grown man out of the store for being abusive, being scheduled for 6 days in a row with a class on each end, followed by a day off, then 5 shifts in a row followed by another class.

My optimism that only February was to blame for my woes is waning ;/

OGNPRANTED adv. ogn-prant-ed (the "g" is silent: pronounced: on-prant-ed)
     To be displeased at being in unfortunate or negative circumstances beyond control or understandable reason: You mean I got the shitty customer again? Man, I'm ognpranted.
     (Origin: A horrendous typo-related misspelling of the word "ignorant" caused by exhaustion. The source of the exhaustion is theorized to have played a role in the resulting definition.)

Also: Please answer this question; in my comments here if you can't/won't join [ profile] thequestionclub.

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February 27th, 2006
09:31 pm - Bleck

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This month has left me totally ognpranted.

Don't ask; it won't make sense.

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February 3rd, 2006
12:33 pm - i ARe coNfuzed


Due to a time zone error, I woke up thinking I worked at noon instead of 3pm. Argh. I called to say I would be late, only to be laughed at. I suppose it's better than just showing up 3 hours early, but it still sucks badly.

Also, I keep having bizarre dreams that aren't fading like they're supposed to. I keep getting recursion, where if I fade out a bit later in the day (not paying attention, etc), I start falling back into the dream. It's not falling asleep; I just start dreaming again. It's really weird, and the whole thing is surreal in itself, and it's really confusing because most of the people in the dream are people I know, so I keep getting real and dream events mixed up.

I would normally say that I need more sleep, but for once it seems to be the problem. Boo.

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October 25th, 2005
01:50 am - Work Is Aging Me Prematurely

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I have dealt with the second customer in the past few weeks who has threatened me for insignificant reasons.

I have also discovered my first grey hairs tonight, emphasis plural.

I cannot believe that the two events are unrelated.

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September 15th, 2005
07:12 am

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I was supposed to make this post sometime Tuesday, but I went to bed at 8pm Tuesday night, and work on Wednesday was...well, the worst ever (new manager, things went horribly wrong, and the Area manager had me basically doing his job. For my pay. Unacceptable.) so it didn't go up then, either. But that's what 7am before work is for, right?

I had my first day of class in 2 goddamn years, and it damn near killed me.

Not because any workload, because the literature is along the lines of Oedipus Rex, Othello, the Great Gatsby, Great Expectations and the like, which is right up my alley. (Sadly, the last book we do is the Stone Angel again, but maybe this time around someone will explain to me what purpose this book has to humanity.)

It wasn't the teacher, either. She's fantastic-she was a member of this Academic Bridging program years back, and is now doing her dissertation for her Ph.D and is a professor. Considering that's my plan, it sets a good standard ;] She's very approachable, but seems to very much know her stuff and wants her students to pass. All in all, good stuff.

It wasn't the other students, who are thoroughly amusing in general. I haven't been in a classroom environment for too long-I love the variety of people. We've got the typical know-it-all at the back, which makes everything excellent ;] Plus, it's basically Toronto people, which puts me right at ease.

So what was it? ...General existence. I felt like I was going into bloody kindergarden again-it felt totally out of place.

I'd forgotten what it was like to sit at a desk and watch someone talk. Work has made me paranoid about schedules and time, so seeing all the different little workshops and such that were offered, I almost passed out. I have not been so physically and emotionally drained in years. It was all I could do not to conk out on the GO train on the way home (I bought my books, too, and those bastards are heavy).

After I got a LOT of sleep, I read over my course stuff again, and verified I was worrying for no logical reason. This class will be fine-I'll probably enjoy it.

But it hasn't stopped that small core of panic yet...I think it might be a good thing, though. If I'm this worried about it, it means that I'll care and get my stuff done. It just may cost a few extra years of my life ;]

And with that, I should go and shower etc. for work, which had better be reasonable today or death will find many.

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August 31st, 2005
01:59 am - Completion!


It's stomach hurts, and my eyelids are drooping...

But the bloody CGI stuff has been defeated for the third year running! Mwahaha!

I have to drop it off tomorrow, and make my annual call to Nunavut to get their residence costs, but that's more amusing than work.


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July 17th, 2005
06:21 am - Everything's Coming Up Me


Whew. It's 6am-I've been reading since I got home. Harry Potter, book 6, finished in one long night. I haven't done this in a while ;] Long story short, I will read it again and am already starting to look forward to 7...which is a crippling prospect.

Things have turned out well the past few days...some small things, some larger.

  • My paycheck was almost twice as large as expected. Always nice.
  • Getting promoted is also nice.
  • So is finding out that Fable: The Lost Chapters is going to come out for the Mac. Score!
  • Vacation approaches, and that's always excellent.
  • I will be getting my external 160GB hard drive on Monday Tuesday.
  • I also read the complete archives of

All in all, I'm doing remarkably well. Having said that, the last time I felt like this my wallet got stolen the very same day. But I am stubborn, and plan to outlast any jinx I may have, because superstitions get in the way ;]

And now....I go to bed. Because 6am is for sleeping.

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July 7th, 2005
05:33 pm

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Wow...what a morning.

Slept in 2 1/2 hours...considering I was opening the store (we open at 10) and I woke up at 10, it made for a whole new definition of panic. I am happily still employed, though, through magic I do not understand. The manager laughed at me, though. I did manage to open the store in 20-30 minutes, though, which is unheard of. It's supposed to take 1 1/2 hours, so I felt a bit of pride despite myself during that hellish panic.

Then add that to the fact that we have no access to outside news in the store, and hearing about London only just as I was leaping out the door, and it makes for a bad, bad shift. Colin(my coworker) & I were calling anyone we could to get any real details on what happened...ugh.

LJ-Cut for people who aren't going to want to hear about the rehashed 9/11 stuff that the London incident is going to bring up. I know there'll be a lot of it, so I don't blame you. )

I still feel...odd. I think I'm going to have to find time to see someone soon, just for any reason...but I think I'll spend tonight inside, trying to regain my balance. I'm still a little shaky, but mostly from the stress of waking up late and panicking about losing my job. At least that what I'm going to attribute it to no matter what, anyway.

Given my excess sleep I gained this morning, I think I'll be up late tonight. I'm not exactly looking forward to sleeping, anyway.

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June 29th, 2005
08:38 pm

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[ Pics removed, because they sucked ;/ ]

Shift 7 of 8. I am beginning to view work as a sort of sadistic war zone in which you're not allowed to defend yourself. However, as karmic revenge, multiple assholes left with Visa cards that may have "accidentally" come into contact with our magnetic unlocking mechanism. Whoops.

Talked with [ profile] terminus8 online last night...I still don't know whether or not I want a single something large for myself in life, or if I can be satisfied with many small victories(which seems to play more to my current strengths).

It seems so many people get these dreams in their head at some point, usually when an astronaut, build a something-or-other, discover the long lost city of WhoKnowsWhere...but more and more I'm wondering if I'm the exception or the silent majority when it comes to not having such a single, strong dream like that.

Eh...I've still got time to think. And until I get a good day off, I'm not too concerned with all this. Sleep still gets priority ;]

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June 28th, 2005
10:47 pm


Bad day at work...this is my 6th shift in a row of 8. Argh.

To relax, I have tried to create myself in Sims 2. I have gotten close, yet failed. Any recommendations?

[ Pics removed, because they sucked ;/ ]

I fell consistently exhausted, but I am tired of sleeping. I ended up oversleeping this morning by an hour...which is bad because I was trying to wake up an hour before my shift. Nothing sucks more than waking up and realizing you must have overslept...not by seeing the clock or such, oh no...but by realizing that you feel far more rested than you should be.

I look forward to doing anything other than Rogers.

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May 2nd, 2005
04:49 pm - I am a one-man PR department


To anyone in my area who knows me and my workplace-the following flyer is of note to you because 1) I made it myself from scratch, and 2) because it's a good contest that also helps our sales targets! (For those who aren't so sure, I work at the Rogers Video here, at the corner of Aquitaine & Winston Churchill, near the Meadowvale Town Centre)

And to [ profile] kittcoldfire: This is why my store will win PSPs in the first 13 days ;] Prepare for the onslaught of #374's awesome might!

Indoor Games Contest Flyer

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April 27th, 2005
12:12 am - Progress, Finally!

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Things finally seem to be in motion, although I feel like I have no idea or control as to my happenings. I've decided to just go with it.

Random note for the day: I am apparently #212 in Canada for Rogers Wireless phone sales. I will assume this is an accomplishment simply because Wireless bothered to tell my manager, so as to tell me.

I need to do a Void entry or two sometime soon...things have changed a fair bit. But I'll get to that later, when I'm less tired and hungry.

Since I now remember I haven't eaten, I think I'll go do that.

...And Now A Random Quiz )

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March 26th, 2005
02:55 am - I think I'm still alive...*pinch* Yeah, still here.

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My lack of updates is a nagging sign that I just don't do enough interesting things in my life.

Section #1: Work! )


Section #2: New Conversationalists! )


Section #3: Careers! )


Damn it, I just CANNOT keep my entries small. Considering I don't actually do anything, what little that does happen is too detailed for my own good.

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January 29th, 2005
02:08 am - Darkness At Rogers

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So apparently my co-worker, Jason Thomas (who was hired with at my recommendation and has survived due to my assistance, both with tasks and his many faux-pas with co-workers), tried to sell my co-worker Colin & I out tonight.

He's fucking dead. [LJ-cut for gratuitous swearing] )

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