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June 9th, 2009
01:20 pm - Writer's Block: Talking Ducks

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...I share my birthday with Donald Duck.


Oh well, I also have Johnny Depp. Suck it, Donald.

(Yes, I B OLD now ;] 25, gah!)

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June 1st, 2009
04:56 pm - Texas Update! Sponsored by "awesome"

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I just realized I haven't posted since I arrived.

This is not going to be a run-down post, because I suck and am currently lazy.


A-kon was awesome, [ profile] shinga has awesome friends, having an awesome time, got awesome art, awesome awesome awesome.


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May 26th, 2009
01:20 pm

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I am alive in Texas!

Went straight from airport to the house of one of [ profile] shinga's friends for a Memorial Day party thingy, got back laaate and her home interz0r seems to hate me. I am online on my comp now only through juryrigging and fairy dust.

Diana, her cat? Made of cuteness and evil. I approve.

Already having fun, had a convo with one of her friends over which Enterprise was the better design. I love this place.

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May 25th, 2009

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I am all packed, and ready to go! Flight leaves tomorrow at 2pm my time, arrives 4pm Texas time. Gone until June 5th, and all is awesome!

I have everything I need (or so I goddamned hope), have a total rundown of the airports, and all possible "what to do" scenarios. I am so mentally over-prepared, but it helps keep me calm ;]

OMG I need to sleep, but OMG.

(Random aside: Super Punch Out for the Wii is awesome and fun. And kept me sane.)

Next time I post, I will be in TEXAS.

...who the fuck would have thought my first flight would be to Texas? I love how my life never goes as expected; it keeps me interested in it ;]

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May 21st, 2009
12:38 am - Tea-d Off

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Solid day, met up with [ profile] terminus8, walked around Square One to talk and catch up.

Along the way, met up with a mutual friend, working at a tea place called Teaopia. I'm a regular there, and most staff know me by my constant order of an iced Wild Cherry tea. This one friend, we also know her from my university; every time I am in there, and she is working, she tries to get me to try a different tea. But most times, I just want my Wild Cherry, because it's damn good! I try new ones sometimes, but she's never working then.

She tried, once again, but failed. [ profile] terminus8 got something new however, and there was a small confusion by another staff as to who ordered what. I automatically recognized my Wild Cherry, offhandedly remarking that "I could recognize my Wild Cherry a mile away by this point." Our mutual friend raised an eyebrow: "You think you could always identify Wild Cherry from a distance?"

She works at a tea wonderland. She knows a crazy amount about tea. If I was half-sane, I'd have picked up on the challenge, and wisely stepped down.

Apparently my ego outweighed my wisdom this night, so I gave a cocky "Yeah!"

She proposed a challenge. We'd come back later, and I'd have to visually ID the Wild Cherry from across the store. If I was right, I got the Wild Cherry and she'd drink a "nasty tea". If I failed, SHE got the Wild Cherry, and I got the evil tea. [ profile] terminus8 got the decoy tea no matter what, so he won by simply being there ;]

I promptly forgot about this, and later had a coke AND a coffee. As I was finishing the coffee, we walked past her store again, and she waved us in. They were getting ready to close, but she had been waiting for me.

She's brewed both Wild Cherry and an "other", and had me stand on the other end of the store to try and pick which was which. My ace in the hole was not simply the colour of the tea, but how transparent it was.

...both were red to the point of BLACK. One glance, and I knew I was fucked. I tried to make a judgment as best I could, and picked one.

...Strawberry Kiwi.

As promised, she then prepared me my Humble Tea. And... wow. I now know the taste of defeat, and it is Tarry Lapsang Souchong. From the website description, emphasis mine:

"This distinctive Black Tea is known for its naturally created deep, pungent, smoky aroma. Black Tea leaves are fired over smoking pine needles, which produce its overwhelming scent and flavour. This unique tea experience is a must try for Black Tea lovers."

..."unique" is right. It smelled like a campfire, and tasted like burnt cardboard. VILE. And to top it off, it was caffeinated, which mixed amazingly with my coffee I'd just finished. It was the most horrible thing I'd ever drank. Choice quotes include "it offends taste buds I didn't know I had", "it tastes like my mouth wants me to stop drinking it", and when I made [ profile] terminus8 try a sip, "the taste is haunting me". I had to stick a lid on it so I could block the smell enough to get it close to my face, and ended up mixing in 6 sugars and a bunch of milk to make it POSSIBLE to drink.

But I drank the whole fucking thing, because me and my fat mouth brought it upon myself. The whole time, I felt the tea shop's Buddha was watching and laughing at me. Afterwards, I ripped off the part of the drink insulating sleeve that said "Your Journey to Wellness, the balance of Mind, Body and Soul", and wrote on the back "The taste of defeat is Tarry Lapsang Souchong". I plan to keep it in my pocket for a while, as a charm against being an egotistical ass and getting myself in over my head ;]

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May 3rd, 2009
11:33 pm - WHOO

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So, I have mentioned before that I wanted to travel and meet TQCers etc. But I hadn't really gotten anywhere with that, mostly because I suck and didn't even have a passport or money or anything ever.

Well, I decided "fuck that".

So I got my passport, finagled around some Aeromiles points with the family, and will be visiting [ profile] shinga in Texas from May 25th to June 5th ;]

I was originally going to bus it because I am cheap and insane, but family laughed at me and offered me Aeromiles points from work trips to fly instead. Approved!

This marks my longest non-family vacation, the longest on-my-own vacation as well, my first flight, my first real international travel, and some other firsts I don't remember at the moment.

I've done some traveling for my "grand tour" so far, but all short trips that made me feel like I really wasn't trying. So, since everything else I do these days feels too boring to note in LJ, I figure it's about time I do something I feel is worth mentioning, let alone worth doing ;]

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February 23rd, 2009
08:46 pm - Faline

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Faline, my kitty, is not well.

Apparently she didn't eat or drink the whole weekend we were away, nor slept. They gave her something to help rehydrate her today, but she's terribly weak. She won't eat yet (but I got her to drink some tuna water), she IS drinking... but she's so wobbly. She can't seem to see right, and she falls over if she tries to walk.

We left her with the VETS, for god sakes. Why didn't they call us, or do something?

I'm sitting beside her now, on my kitchen floor. She's finally sleeping on a blanket we laid out, since the floor is cold and she keeps getting herself wet with the water dish. I'm watching over as long as I can, then it's my mom's turn. Benefit of a nocturnal household.

I feel weak and sick. She's 21... I know the odds. I just... she's my cat.

I really want her to be okay.

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January 6th, 2009
01:36 pm - Damnit

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Fuck you, LJ. I did NOT want to wake up to a goddamned apocalypse today.

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January 1st, 2009
12:37 am - 2009!


Happy new year, everybody!

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November 21st, 2008
01:34 am


I'm sick, my glasses are still fucked up, I have a big test tomorrow, followed by work, followed by more work.

...and yet I'm in an extremely positive mood.

I just thought that was worth noting.

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October 30th, 2008
11:22 pm - PUMPKIN

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Happy Halloween, bitches ;]

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October 22nd, 2008
11:04 pm - GLASSES

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Okay, now that I am home... NEW GLASSES CAMWHORE TIME

Beware: My face within. Management is not responsible for any injuries that may occur. )

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October 7th, 2008
06:01 am

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It's good to have good people in your life.

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October 6th, 2008
06:29 pm - I LIVE!

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I got back from Montreal, safe and sound! I met [ profile] adelaidejewel, [ profile] treeofhappy... oh, and [ profile] melodyhateslj. Fun times were had; I love meeting Internet people ;] Not so much a fan of buses, but it was at least well worth it ;] But this also teaches me that the Grand Tour CANNOT be by bus, or I would die. So learning was had!

All pictures are on Addie's camera, so I will post some when they are uploaded.

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October 4th, 2008
05:55 am - OMG

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Gone to Montreal, BRB

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September 2nd, 2008
12:21 am

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I have meant to post this for a while.

I have had a dream for a while, of visiting a lot of you. To do so.. II have to know where you are, so I can one day plan some massive circuit or something ;]

To that end...

[Poll #1252227]

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May 22nd, 2008
07:20 pm - STOP WAITING

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May 9th, 2008
03:46 am - FUCK YOU FEDEX

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I am posting from my new Black MacBook... which was not without its trials and tribulations.

You see, FedEx apparently hates me. After kicking it around in customs for 14+ hours, the driver then proceeded to come to my house and NOT find the 5 story building where I lived. This got it sent back Wednesday. I called and had this nonsense sorted through, with the promise that it would be delivered tomorrow (Thursday) before 5pm.

So Thursday hits, and I watch the Tracking page. Truck hasn't left yet by 10... 11... 12... 1... 2... 3... finally I call to ask when exactly my package will be leaving.

"Oh, tomorrow!"

...déjà vu. Why was it not delivered Thursday? No idea; it just wasn't.

I came to realize that apparently these idiots could not be trusted to do their jobs, and I wasn't going to risk them pushing it past the weekend. So I decide to pick the damn thing up myself.

It is, of course, by the airport. One hour away by bus ;/ But fine, so be it. Two hours roundtrip travel is still shorter than 24 hours, so off I go.

I finally arrive (missing my stop, of course), only to find myself at FedEx City. Apparently this is their North American hub, and it's fucking MASSIVE. Planes and trucks and big-ass buildings as far as the eye can see. It took a while just to find a door; the place was a fortress.

Thankfully, I was not jerked around once I got this far. I was given my dear package, and took the long-ass busride home. Tough to do with a huge package on your lap, but the satisfaction alone held me strong.

And now, after a night of setup and file-transferring, I am here online. This thing is fast as hell, views any video I can throw at it, has over 3x the hard drive space of my old laptop, and is beautiful to boot. It also has a webcam built in, so anyone reading this feel free to harass me for videochat. Just be warned that I am quite the scruffmuffin at the moment, so set expectations low if you choose to harass me thusly ;]

And so, the story ends happily, with my laptop safe in my hands. After long trials and troubles, it is finally here and it is as wonderful as I had hoped.

Talon: Online

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September 1st, 2007
12:48 pm - VICTORY

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I knew I had to have a good day eventually... and damn, it was a good day.

DISCLAIMER: The following is about Heroes. If you don't know or care about Heroes, the following section will only serve to prove that I'm a huge fucking nerd. To save you time, I'll just admit it right here: I am a nerd, and damn proud of it. Hence, if you don't care about Heroes, feel free to skip this entirely.

I shook Sylar's hand )

Oh, I also got my UPass (finally) and also went to a damn classy party that night; all in all, a good spread. But now I have to run to work, where I will dream of finally watching my DVDs.

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August 5th, 2007
02:33 pm - WTF

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(2005) 2 walkers, time to completion: 7 hours, 17 minutes.
(2006) 4 walkers, time to completion: 7 hours, 30 minutes.

(2007) 11-13 walkers, time to completion: 10 hours, 21 minutes

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