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August 21st, 2009
01:35 pm

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I was looking through my icons, saw this one, and had a MAD craving for Christmas. My seasonal senses are fail.

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December 24th, 2008



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December 27th, 2005
08:43 pm - Christmas Etc.


I would have posted this yesterday, but I had to work on Boxing Day, and felt like I was no longer alive when I got home, and so it was.

First things first: I have Mario Kart DS now. And as such, I have a Mario Kart DS friend code. And it is as follows:

1 8 0 4 5 0
5 0 2 7 6 6

([ profile] shippo: I have already added you from your entry way back when.)

My mother also has Mario Kart DS now, as well as a Nintendo DS, thanks to me. She's playing right now ;]

Christmas itself went well; my Uncle Jim is here, and he makes everything more amusing ;] There really wasn't a "star item" of my Christmas, but I enjoyed it all overall. I did get a waterproof notepad, though, and it will probably have the most relevance as I intend to get the most use out of it. I did also get a good Chess set, though. There were some other smaller items of goodliness, but I'm not doing a list.

Really, the main point of this entry was to pimp my Mario Kart DS code, and I don't think more than one person on my list HAS a DS, so that's about it for me ;]

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December 14th, 2005
02:52 pm - I ♥ Christmas Lasers

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I had mentioned before in a small note that [ profile] torricus had done something to do with December 13th, and that details would follow later. Well, it's later.

I have mentioned the Trans-Siberian Orchestra before; it's also been in my Current Music a fair bit. They're an orchestra with electric guitars that do Christmas music and more. They were also at the Air Canada Centre last night ;]

I had already thought they were awesome, but I had my eyes truly opened to their excellence. They X-PLODED with XTREME X-MAS. It's amazing to see people rocking it out with guitars in tuxedos, backed by a string section. Not to mention the pyrotechnics. They had fantastic light shows, a star back-drop, and CHRISTMAS LASERS. Yes, that's right: Lasers for Christmas. They also had Christmas coloured plumes of flame that radiated heat back to our upper level seats...considering the colours, I'm guessing on Cancer for Christmas, too ;]

The music itself, though...WOW. And wow again. And again. If you haven't heard the Trans-Siberian Orchestra before, I suggest you find the tracks Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) & A Mad Russian's Christmas (and possibly Christmas Canon Rock), if none other. If people want more recommendations, I have them all, so feel free to ask ;]

Apparently they have a new non-Christmas album coming out next year, and they did some previews in the later half of the show. They did a version of Carmina Burana that almost made me pass out with joy. Latin choir, fantastic electric guitar, violins, lasers...I will be buying all their stuff. They deserve my money, and that says a LOT since I'm buying music ;]

I will be going again next year, and I want people to come with me. (That means at least you, [ profile] terminus8. You would LOVE this.) If you think you might be interested, drop a comment. When tickets go on sale, I will be referring back to this entry to know who to ask about it. It's not a commitment if you show interest-I just want to know who to ask because I will be trying to get special fan club tickets on the floor level next year.

[ profile] torricus did a better entry about the whole trip, but I decided to focus on the concert itself because a) it was my Christmas gift, and b) it was BLOODY AMAZING. So here's hoping some of you people will want to go next year!

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December 27th, 2003
01:35 am - So much for my X-Mas post...


Christmas happened!

I'm amused; due to the event, this journal is now a paid account. Guess I'd better post more, hm?

With the amount of working (even Christmas was an 8 hour shift), it's been hard to post. I promised myself not to make "empty" posts, which has resulted in not saying much at all. I've decided I need to do more...but with a new GameCube, this is not likely. C'est la vie.

At least I've been well. I've been doing a lot of thinking about myself and the nature of things, and I'm in a good place on my way to a better one. I like the feeling of progress; it's when I think things are perfect that I get blindsided by something. But I'm enjoying my life as it is, so that's all good.

I intended to make this post on Christmas, but that didn't happen. Now it's technically the day after Boxing day...I'm out of practice for this journal thing.

I tried to do the year in review thing, but most of my answers were witty variations on "Not Applicable". Since most of it was lack of content, I didn't bother posting it. Not that I didn't do anything all year; it just seemed like it with those particular questions. Sometime after the 1st, I'll review 2003 my own way.

And now, I go to bed. Took me long enough to get this finished ;]

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