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May 6th, 2009

[personal profile] imaria

03:44 am
So, I got the job recently doing telephone research. People keep asking, "WTF is that? What do you do?"

I have also, recently, been feeling sad about not doing anything really, really nerdy. This post will address BOTH those concerns.

At work, I call people and ask them to complete surveys over the phone. 80% of the time, I get a busy signal, answering machines, it rings out, etc. 19% of the time, someone picks up and either can't do it then, or tell me to fuck off in some variety of language. I then mark the survey ended on the computer, and enter the flag for the reason it ended (busy, refused, etc.) OCCASIONALLY, I get someone to complete a survey... if they don't get most of the way through and bail on me because it took too long.

This is MORE boring than it sounds. Sooo... I invented a game to pass the time ;]

On a notepad, I mark down two columns for my two "characters". They are marked "even" and "odd". Both start with 50 hit points.

When I start a new call, I first check the case number assigned to them. If the last digit is even (including 0), then it is "even"s turn. Odd, vice versa. I then check the last digit of the phone number, and save it for later (0 = 10). I will call it X.

What happens next depends on how the call ends. If nobody answers, not even a machine, the turn is skipped.

If I get an answering machine, a busy signal, or a refusal, that character inflicts X damage on the opposing character. If I complete a survey, they do 4x that amount of damage to the opposing character.

If I get a language problem, a "number not in service", or make an appointment for later, then the characters recovers X damage instead. If I start a survey, but they bail for any reason partway, then they instead heal 4x that amount.

If I get a fax/modem line or I call a business, then that character takes X damage to themselves. If I get someone who asks to be put on our Do Not Call list, they take 4x damage to themselves.

...I ended up playing this as I called for 5 hours. For the curious, Even won, with 71 HP to spare when Odd dropped beneath 0. It was close, and Odd was in the lead for a long time, but Even recovered 40 when some asshole bailed on my survey partway, with their phone number ending in 0. It was tense.

So yeah, this is what I do ;]

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