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February 23rd, 2009

[personal profile] imaria

08:46 pm - Faline
Faline, my kitty, is not well.

Apparently she didn't eat or drink the whole weekend we were away, nor slept. They gave her something to help rehydrate her today, but she's terribly weak. She won't eat yet (but I got her to drink some tuna water), she IS drinking... but she's so wobbly. She can't seem to see right, and she falls over if she tries to walk.

We left her with the VETS, for god sakes. Why didn't they call us, or do something?

I'm sitting beside her now, on my kitchen floor. She's finally sleeping on a blanket we laid out, since the floor is cold and she keeps getting herself wet with the water dish. I'm watching over as long as I can, then it's my mom's turn. Benefit of a nocturnal household.

I feel weak and sick. She's 21... I know the odds. I just... she's my cat.

I really want her to be okay.

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