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January 28th, 2009

[personal profile] imaria

12:25 pm - It's in my friggin' EYE
Woke up groggy this morning, read my friends list, saw everybody crying about massive snowstorms all over. Didn't bother to look out my window, because seriously... what are the odds of it being a winter wasteland everywhere from the 33rd parallel to the 43rd parallel?

...apparently 1:1. It's God's bukkake party out there.

Also, I got new winter boots. This is not typically LJ-worthy news, except that these boots have solid steel plates embedded in the soles to make them puncture proof. I bought them in SPITE of this, because they were warm, waterproof, and altogether everything else I wanted. And they ARE good boots. They just also weigh a fucking TON. I feel like I'm walking around with cars tied to my feet. While this is bloody torture NOW while I slog through snow... a few more weeks of this, and I'll be able to kick in tanks.

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