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January 26th, 2009

[personal profile] imaria

01:10 pm - I R Nutz!
I have had reason today to remember a LOT of my weird quirks.

The only one worth repeating here, however, is how I used to eat my Cheerios when I was young.

I'd take the bowl with cheerios and milk, and eat JUST one half down to the milk, so there was a wall of cheerios consisting the other half. Some cheerios would always fall into the milk side, though, because the "wall" falls apart.

I'd pretend the wall was a mighty empire, and the stray cheerios were rebels from the empire fighting against it. So I'd eat them. But as I did, the milk would shake more cheerios loose. These were more people rebelling against the aggressive destruction of the rebels. Eventually, the whole "empire" would dissolve into chaos and rebellion, and I'd have to put them all down.

I think I started this when I was in grade 2 or 3 ;/ It vaguely concerns me how GLEEFUL I was, decimating those "rebels" and knowing I was the bad guy they were increasingly rebelling against.


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