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January 6th, 2009

[personal profile] imaria

01:48 am - I DO post sometimes!
Saw Repo! for the second time tonight. Even BETTER the second time. I love having a new obsession ;]

I've been flitting around, seeing all the people I kept saying "We should get together sometime" to. It's been quite nice to remember I DO have some real life friends after all, even if we are all too damn busy most of the time. I've thoroughly abused myself over the past week(?) or so; it's kinda nice. I've done far too little for too long, but mostly because there has been little to do that really struck me. It's been good.

I'm now back in classes for semester #2, hopefully going a BIT better than the last. I'm not going to get deeply into it, but there is certainly room for improvement ;/ BUT, I have optimism. Being in class for only one day so far helps that!

The only thing left on my agenda is to find something to get particularly excited about in my future; I need something to look forward to strongly. But I figure that's just a matter of time and circumstance, so I'm patient for the moment. All in all... I'm doing pretty well.

It's rare that I am willing to go out of my way to say that, so I just wanted that documented ;]

(P.S: That movie has given me a MAD crush on Sarah Brightman.)

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