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May 9th, 2008

[personal profile] imaria

03:46 am - FUCK YOU FEDEX

I am posting from my new Black MacBook... which was not without its trials and tribulations.

You see, FedEx apparently hates me. After kicking it around in customs for 14+ hours, the driver then proceeded to come to my house and NOT find the 5 story building where I lived. This got it sent back Wednesday. I called and had this nonsense sorted through, with the promise that it would be delivered tomorrow (Thursday) before 5pm.

So Thursday hits, and I watch the Tracking page. Truck hasn't left yet by 10... 11... 12... 1... 2... 3... finally I call to ask when exactly my package will be leaving.

"Oh, tomorrow!"

...déjà vu. Why was it not delivered Thursday? No idea; it just wasn't.

I came to realize that apparently these idiots could not be trusted to do their jobs, and I wasn't going to risk them pushing it past the weekend. So I decide to pick the damn thing up myself.

It is, of course, by the airport. One hour away by bus ;/ But fine, so be it. Two hours roundtrip travel is still shorter than 24 hours, so off I go.

I finally arrive (missing my stop, of course), only to find myself at FedEx City. Apparently this is their North American hub, and it's fucking MASSIVE. Planes and trucks and big-ass buildings as far as the eye can see. It took a while just to find a door; the place was a fortress.

Thankfully, I was not jerked around once I got this far. I was given my dear package, and took the long-ass busride home. Tough to do with a huge package on your lap, but the satisfaction alone held me strong.

And now, after a night of setup and file-transferring, I am here online. This thing is fast as hell, views any video I can throw at it, has over 3x the hard drive space of my old laptop, and is beautiful to boot. It also has a webcam built in, so anyone reading this feel free to harass me for videochat. Just be warned that I am quite the scruffmuffin at the moment, so set expectations low if you choose to harass me thusly ;]

And so, the story ends happily, with my laptop safe in my hands. After long trials and troubles, it is finally here and it is as wonderful as I had hoped.

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