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September 1st, 2007

[personal profile] imaria

12:48 pm - VICTORY
I knew I had to have a good day eventually... and damn, it was a good day.

DISCLAIMER: The following is about Heroes. If you don't know or care about Heroes, the following section will only serve to prove that I'm a huge fucking nerd. To save you time, I'll just admit it right here: I am a nerd, and damn proud of it. Hence, if you don't care about Heroes, feel free to skip this entirely.

On the 28th, the Heroes Season 1 box set was released. My dear [ profile] torricus sent me a notice earlier informing me that there was a cross-promotion with the Heroes World Tour that was going on and the Best Buy downtown. It seemed that the first 100 people to buy the box set from that location got wristbands, entitling them to get said box sets signed by the cast when they arrived for the tour on the 31st.

My path was clear; it must be done.

I contacted my friend [ profile] coegi as soon as I heard, and we organized our attack plan. I ended up waking up at 3am (we took no risks), and got downtown by 5am.

It would seem we had overestimated the devotion of Toronto's Heroes fans; there was no-one there. However... at the same time, from 5am to 6am, there was an oddly appropriate event... a full lunar eclipse. So, we walked to the nearby overpass by City Hall, and watched the whole thing.

I would have NEVER been out of bed at this time to see this; not only was it appropriate, it was damned awesome of its own right. As [ profile] coegi and I chatted while watching the eclipse, someone passed by under the overpass, and kept looking up at us funny. I waved, and explained we were watching the eclipse. After a bit of conversation... this random business-type man came up and watched the rest of the eclipse with us ;] Truly awesome.

After that, we finally wandered back, fearing a line would have developed in our one hour absence... but it was not to be. Instead, we were the first people in the line ;] (No more than 5 minutes later, someone else showed up. He seemed TRULY bitter, and said nothing for the rest of the day, except when he wanted to make sure his spot would be saved while he went to use the washroom.)

The wait was LONG, but the company was good. Not only [ profile] coegi, who is generally and specifically awesome for such things, but also the other people in line. Most were actually well-spoken and sociable, with only one insane dude. It made for an amusing time.

After Q107 passed buy to cover the event (what a loser), the doors finally opened: We'd survived the 4 hour wait (not including the eclipse watching). The precious cargo was possessed, and the wristband procured. By the time the doors opened, apparently the line was 80 people... not as big as I'd have hoped, but damn admirable since Global barely advertised this at all (some employees didn't know what was going on in the Best Buy; they had no signs advertising it inside ;/ ) And when it all settled... #1

Impatient days pass... then the 31st hits. [ profile] coegi is unable to attend the World Tour event itself, but [ profile] torricus came with instead, and also brought a camera! (Not only did she inform me of this opportunity, she also played journalist for it. ♥) The wristband wearers were shuffled off, so [ profile] torricus and I talked over the barricade... until they arrived.

Introduced via a video by Tim Kring (writer, executive producer and effective godfather of the show), the attending cast was introduced: Jeph Loeb (writer and co-executive producer), Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah), Zachery Quinto (Gabriel Grey/"Sylar"), Dania Ramirez (Maya, someone new from Season 2), and James Kyson Lee (Ando!). It was a good mix, and they seemed totally relaxed, if not slightly overwhelmed ;]

The Heroes

Some Q&A went on, not too much groundbreaking stuff. Noah (Micah) is the cutest ever; he's bashful, and giggles. But without being sickly or losing his intelligent aura. James (Ando) is the most fan-friendly guy ever; SO laid back. And Zachary (SYLAR) is hilarious; he seemed the most surprised by all of this, and was still having fun with it. He was asked to pull out the Sylar creepiness, and all he had to do was pull down his shades and look out from over them. It was agreed that the "Sylar eyes" were key. He also randomly threw the horns at one point, now enshrined in my icon. The new girl seemed pretty decent as well, but I will reserve judgement for now.

One interesting note... Jeph Loeb mentioned during the Q&A... "if Milo's character (Peter) was to survive, then he might end up in a Canadian city in the next season... maybe". So yeah, awesome ;]

After the Q&A finished, they moved to the signings. We went up on stage in small groups; I had moved back a bit to see, so I went up in about the third or fourth group. This is where awesome occurs.

As I was going through, when I got to Zachary Quinto, I had to mention "This is such an honour, thank you". He looked up over his glasses (Sylar eyes!), and seemed... slightly shocked. He seemed very heartfelt when he said "Thank you very much," as he held out his hand to shake, and asked my name in return. I accept he may be an actor dealing with fans, but he sure as hell wasn't shaking everyone else's hand. I SHOOK SYLAR'S HAND. HE ASKED MY NAME.


As I was moving along, Dania noticed my necklace (a sundial contraption, some may know it), and started asking about it, which was also awesome; that thing is an awesome conversation starter. You can see her pointing here (this is also the only viable picture of me up at the signing table):


Just as I was heading out, Zachary Quinto asked when the lineup had started. Being first, I mentioned we'd been there at 5am to see the eclipse, and they laughed at how appropriate that was. As I headed away with the prize, some dude who'd overheard quickly interviewed me and was asking questions about the lineup and the eclipse thing ;] I don't know who he was with, though, but I'm going to keep an eye out for it on the Heroes webpage.

The Prize
(Click for overly high-rez picture)

The signatures are:
Jeph Loeb (writer and co-executive producer), bottom left
Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah), middle left
Zachary Quinto (Gabriel Gray/"Sylar"), top right
Dania Ramirez (Maya), middle right
Jason Kyson Lee (Ando), bottom right

Also pictured is my paper from Best Buy that they gave me in line to certify I was first, which is a separate small achievement on its own ;]

The whole thing was truly amazing; I'm still stoked that Zachary Quinto shook my hand. I'm also shocked that he seemed so surprised; he's been to a crapload of cities in the past month, the sentiment can't be that unique. But he also seems the most surprised by his own fame, so I suppose it balances. But all in all, I'm still so damned happy it all turned out. Now I just need to actually WATCH the DVD set; there are a lot of deleted scenes to see ;]

Oh, I also got my UPass (finally) and also went to a damn classy party that night; all in all, a good spread. But now I have to run to work, where I will dream of finally watching my DVDs.

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